24 May 2004

rail connections, part3

June and I are getting on like a house on fire on the trains each morning...makes the time fly right by

perhaps it was the sun, maybe the outfit I was wearing, or just knowing I have a day off tomorrow (yeah!), but today I said 'MorNEENING' (yes - sing-songy) to black coat (who no longer wears the coat in such fabulous weather). I was afraid June might fall over, it was bad enough she caught her breath loudly and slapped her hand to her mouth in a Janice-style 'Oh My God' gesture...I told her she must stop, or he was going to notice and think I fancied him. I don't. I just sorta felt it was my/our duty to subtly remind him that he sees us twice a day, every day of our lives (at the mo, anyway), and it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge such

I'd hoped to catch the cute grey/spikey haired, bespectacled boy this morning, since I was so early; no joy...

I had to run for my train home this evening...I didn't like it. I'm in no shape at all to be doing such things; thank god I no longer smoke. bought some new, painful shoes (and changed into immediately) at lunch today, so that didn't help things move along any quicker. The lovely older chap who sometimes smiles at me with a mild 'alright?' saw me running and held the train door, bless him. I babbled on about never being so late, he just smiled and probably thought I was a big fat goon for breathing and sweating like I was smack-dab in the midst of running the London Marathon...

18 May 2004

rail connections, part2

black coat (as noted previously) turned up yesterday - with a LEAP even - without his black coat. I thought June was going to silently fall over...funny how she thinks just like me with regards to our fellow transporters

today black coat came without the coat AND in a light-coloured shirt. shocking. he still does not acknowledge me (us), of course...he's very slim without that coat. he should be without it more often

gave June some arsenal trading cards for her 10yr old son...said hiya to one of going-home commuters...nearly told the guy at my evening station 'nice haircut, by the way' after his very huge messy large hair (and facial) disappeared...i chickend out, though. probably the american accent that keeps me from it (darn it)

have made passing-chums with my local station agent...

06 May 2004

rail connections

I made a new friend yesterday...er, new acquaintance? in a land where people don't speak to each other unless there is a good reason (not faulting it - I like it), I've recently thrown caution to the proverbial wind, and spoken to some of my fellow daily commuters (scary)

There's one woman who takes my train each morning - it's a small station, so there's only 3 of us who are there faithfully each day; there are two others who are there every now and then.

A few weeks ago, I caught the eye of said fellow-female commuter (we shall call her June), and we ended up smiling and saying Good Morning a few times after - one day she even came over and offered me a piece of chewing gum - amazing! Nice lady, but we didn't really speak much...

A couple of days ago, the sun decided to come out, which of course puts everyone in a slightly better mood. June began to chat with me while we were waiting, and we ended up sitting together on the train and chitter chattering all the way to her stop - she's lovely! Funny how you've no idea how someone will be - or expect them to be quite different - until you actually make an effort to find out.

She too found the non-speaking-commuting rule amusing (although a native Londoner) and we discussed our fellow station-friends, and how we seemed invisible to them. A few days prior, I'd had a brief moment where I felt like a complete idiot, after briefly speaking to one of the sometimers and he looked at me as if he had no idea who I was, and didn't see me nearly 5 days of each week!

I mentioned to June that she hadn’t been at the train one day a few weeks prior, and I’d almost worried…she laughed and said that surely our fellow commuters would notice my absence over the next two days, and ask her where I was. Right.

The day before June and I started chatting, I'd got brave by also speaking to one of my going-home travellers (completely different clientele on my evening commute, them), lamenting about nearly being late and missing the train, etc. That chap actually smiled at me today, and held the train door open for me. But I digress...

Same day I spoke to him, I also asked a question of Black Coat Bloke, who is every day at my morning station; he, June, and I are the only steadfast visitors. He never speaks, never smiles, never changes his expression in any way. He always seems to saunter up the stairs to the platform without a care in the world at the very last minute, nearly every day; I always wonder how he manages to never miss the train - does he know something I don't? does he live opposite or next door?

He also always wears a nice suit and very heavy black coat, as observed June in our conversation about how unapproachable he appears. I told her how I'd spoken to him the previous morning, to ask how he'd got home the last couple of days...he and I also take the same train home each day (not that he'd notice), and due to the weather, it hadn't run and I had a hell of a long-time sorting out how to - and ultimately getting - home. He was quite happy to offer various suggestions, and even smiled as he told me. I was v surprised. (of course, he’s not acknowledged my presence since)

June and I sat together and chatted the next day as well, which made the time fly right by, mostly discussing transport, transport rates, the evil of transport...and the weather, of course! I mentioned to her a little monthly column in the morning Metro about commuter love connections. What fun! We laughed about how if one of us did one for the other at our little station, it wouldn't be too difficult sussing out who'd said what. We discussed placing a note about how Black Coat didn't need to wear his black coat each day, and perhaps he should smile once in a while, and at least acknowledge that we all see each other, twice a day, about 250 days per year.

There's a cute boy at my station who takes the train going the other way every now and then...I've only seen him twice, when I've been running quite early, as his train comes much earlier than mine. He's rather fetching, and quirky-looking, with good hair, and more importantly, good shoes. I nearly spoke to him yesterday...but perhaps instead I should make a listing in next month's Metro Commuter Love Connection...