20 September 2008

a work in progress . . .

. . . is how to describe this post.

i keep wanting to list some bits about my recent trip but haven't had time as yet - well, for that reason, and because i've been exceptionally
jetlagged [resulting in a strong bout of laziness] all week for the first time ever.

to be updated - soon, hopefully . . .

[edit: yes, two nights ago i really did watch this film noted below - truly one of the worst things i've ever seen ever - and that's saying a lot. dare i say to car-crash calibre, which means i couldn't stop watching even if i wanted to (what if it had got even worse and i'd missed it? not worth chancing). poor mama walton...]

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18 September 2008

my new obsession . . .

. . . library thing!

isn't it the most? to say the least? *

i admit that last night i spent about 4 hours adding books, fixing up covers, etc - i could have carried on all night!

my own collection is being listed in thematic order, grouped as they are on the shelves [i am very pedantic about such things - i mean, you have to make things flow, don't you - it's only sensible that scarlett letter should go next to the story of wallis simpson which goes next to the story of clementine churchill. there's a theme, you see...but i digress] - hence, if someone were to stumble upon my page at the wrong time, they might think i only like - for example - old hollywood or travelling to eastern europe...

ahh, but no. once you get them all in there you can sort at will, receive interesting stats on what famous dead people^ had the same books and find new internet friends** based upon your similar collections.

i may be in love. . .

* and if you can name that quote, you get a prize
^ who would have thought that tupac shakur and i would own the same book (hey, who would have thought he knew how to read)
** yes, i may need to get out more - but i'm recovering from a holiday, for pity's sake

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