28 February 2006

third strange thing . . .

. . . for the day; or should i say fourth - the latter being that this is my third bloggy for the day when i've otherwise not posted for weeks

i was rushing to attend a training course this afternoon, quickly stopping at a little machine we have where one can buy tea/coffee/soup (i have a secret key so that i don't have to pay - more on this later). so i got my soup and for whatever reason, my hand jerked a bit when i pulled it out from the little dispenser thing. the soup splashed onto my hand and was hot, hot, hot! i dropped it on to the ground (sidenote: somehow the cup stayed upright and nothing else spilled out - remind me to try tying some to a cat's back and/or a piece of buttered bread)

i tried to remain calm as there were people all round, so i quickly ran upstairs to the ladies and who was stood there fluffing her hair when i ploughed in but the supreme boss of the company. that probably doesn't sound that exciting, but she is a superifically-well respected woman, not only around the place but to the global economic, political and business world in general (again with the crypticness - my apologies). and a rare sighting. many people think of her as our own built-in celeb, including people who have worked there for over a decade

we've never met before, and there she was looking at me, and there i was with soup dripping from my hand. i quickly just said 'oh, oh ms xxxx, how lovely to see you and finally meet you (as i'm thrusting my hand under the cold running tap, wearing jeans and a pseudo-retro t-shirt that says something like 'we serve it hot and fresh' )', 'my name is xx and i work in xx dept and we've never met before'. she said hello and made to shake my hand, when i blurted out 'oh sorry, i would shake your hand, but i've just burnt it quite badly and may still have soup on it'. cue thunderous laughter, in retrospect. even for those who've never met me - can you not just picture it?

so she made to leave and sort of tut-tutted about my hand, nice to meet you, out she went and back under the cold water my ouchy hand went. someone had been in one of the stalls the entire time, and i was so pleased it didn't end up being someone i knew. i could not help but laugh to myself in the mirror, and the woman next to me washing her hands began to laugh as well, even though she had no idea what had just happened

really, you can't make this stuff up . . .

nb: for those concerned, i got a cold pack for my hand, went to my training course, the ice melted after about 20mins, and my hand remains a bit red. fortunately, we've an
aloe plant in our office (as one does), so i slathered that on when i got back. still a bit red, though....

nb2: note i may well have dealings with afore-mentioned extra-special boss lady, as she is heavily involved in the
project for which i've an interview on friday. had i my full faculties about me at the time, i would have mentioned this. but in case she forgets the incident, it might be better i didn't, in case we soon meet again more properly!

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i have a class this . . .

. . . term about preparing oneself for next year's

this week (today) rather than having a formal class, we were made to meet at a particular
library to learn about the services they offer. because we don't know what libraries do (?). i considered not going, especially since i had to leave one hour earlier than usual this morning to spend three quarters of an hour getting there

but i went, because i'm considerate like that

there are around 50 in the class; about a dozen or less turned up. no surprise, really. we were led upstairs, taken into a room to be explained the rules of the library. this took about 5mins. in the room was a table, chairs and hundreds of journals on the wall shelves. wow, I am rendered speechless at the grandeur of it (that's sarcasm, in case you missed it)

we were then led into the next room where the e-library catalogues were located, and shown how to find the library's website and search the catalogue. are you kidding me with this? this took about 5mins

we then went into the main sitting area and shown how to fill out a form to request something that is stored in the basement. this took about 3mins

next was a room where we were shown some old photos, letters, memento etc bits of a london actress from early 20th century. this was to show us all the amazing artefacts they have for visitors...yet all these nice things stay boxed up in storage in the basement (so we can't get to them anyway). this too took about 5mins

and guess what? that was it. i got
out of bed for this? could my intelligence possibly be insulted any further? answers on a postcard, please

so while the others stood about waiting for further directives from the faculty (of which there weren't any - directives, that is, not faculty), i simply slid out, went to the locker to retrieve my things and absconded

pardon me if i've said this already, but: i got out of bed for this?

well i have been . . .

. . . invited for interview for the
job - Friday, noon

seems i nearly stuffed it up entirely as was phoned today by human resources to say that i had neglected to follow one key point of the application process (which i suspected would be a problem - i even drew attention to it in my email (good/bad?), but still didn't do it properly)

so the call began with 'we appreciate your application and interest in the role, but i'm afraid we will not be taking your application further because of x'; i managed to turn it round, say i would do x, proceeded to do it, let them know, then received a subsequent email from them confirming my interview for friday (apologies for the
cryptic description)

note i was also told (again) that someone else was already being seriously considered (read: 'they've got the job already, so don't bother doing x and applying'), but rather than admit defeat, i confirmed that i would press on

so - we shall see . . .

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26 February 2006

shooby dooby dubai

since i have been remiss in my blogging duties of late, i'm just going to dive straight in, as if you already know what i'm on about . . .

so i have done it - i have just applied for a job in
dubai. i can not believe how much i have laboured over my covering letter [can you say nearly 3-4 days straight? - really sad - they (whoever they are) should really offer a course in how to not be a obsessively pedantic perfectionist]

in the first several days of hearing about the job (and following discussion with the decision-maker), i was feeling quite confident about at least being considered. then i found out a couple of days ago that there are at least two others being considered who are already working with the key people/on the project in question. so it could well be a matter of them having only advertised the job because the recruiting guidelines say they have to. that's just not nice

on the upside, i also learned that a flat would be provided (gratis), as will monthly flights to the uk - albeit for business purposes, but presumably still with time to see friends and stock up at tesco and waitrose. the salary is also decentish, and would offer a swell opportunity to start saving money again, bearing in mind there would be no rent and no taxes (woo)

the closing date is tomorrow morning, and since they want a team in place by the end of march, i assume the process will move rather quickly. if i don't even get through the first round, i won't feel too dejected, because i know that i have presented them with a damn good application. so in the words of the iconic
doris day, whatever will be, will be . . .

apologies re the secrecy surrounding any details on what the role entails, but the project is still confidential at this stage; not that you would have any need or interest in
telling anyone, but y'know...

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