14 February 2009

I read this in . . .

. . . a US-based friend's Out of Office reply:

> We will be closed on Monday Feb. 16th for the Presidents Day holiday


President’s Day?

Presidents’ Day?

This appears to be unclear even to those who try to educate children.

I also didn’t realise this day's the same as Washington’s birthday - wasn’t it previously called that?
Lincoln still appears to have his own day; hmm, doesn’t seem fair for him to get a mention while the first George W doesn’t.

How do people get through life not wondering about such things?

Why not combine the two into just one day - or a day to celebrate every single one of them - and then it really can be called Presidents Day.

No, that's wrong too.

Presidents’ Day it is, then . . .

Now onto the really important question: Why don't we have Prime Ministers' Day?

Heath? [mind, he did get his own airport]

Wilson's Day?

The National Day of Attlee?

In fact, Britain hasn't a single holiday to officially-recognise anyone's contribution to national history.


03 February 2009

I don't want to go to Chelsea . . .

. . . Hotel, that is.

As difficult it may be to believe, yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of the death of
Sid Vicious.

I shall have more to say on this later when I've a bit more time.

02 February 2009

i made a . . .

. . . little town in the snow

currently watching: Murder, She Wrote (Jessica's in Ireland, allegedly)

here and now . . .

‘South-east England has the worst snow it has seen for 18 years. . . ’

One of two runways closed at Heathrow
Passengers stranded at Gatwick
Southampton Airport closed
London City and Luton airports closed
London buses withdrawn
Train services cancelled
Hundreds of schools closed
The Highways Agency said there have been too many minor accidents on the roads "to put a number on".

I am just on my way out now to play in it - with hopes I can last more than a few minutes!