13 May 2006

i need a title for this one . . .

in an effort to even further avoid what i should be doing at the moment, i decided to clear out the spam folder in an inbox i never use (not sure why i don't just get rid of it altogether then)

only 2036 spams since april - or since either 1938/2038 if you want to count the clever date-amender-senders

but there were a few whose subject titles i loved to bits and thought too good to delete (i didn't open the actual messages, of course)

so i thought i might start a list of top spam subject headers - it may be a list for today only, it may carry on, who's to say...

today's top prize is a draw:

preconceived bell pepper
paralyzed frosting

honourable mention:

i thought he was going to kill me
(one might find dialling 999 a more efficient means to cry for help)
flasher scavenger
(do people go looking for these?)
cardigan sedentary
(i think my vintage green cardy would like this special moniker, whereas sad neglected navy blue would be jealous)

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