29 January 2009

blast! I have finally had to . . .

. . . break down and accept the fact that Google now owns this.

The reason this page hasn't been updated for so long is because I was very chagrined to learn I had to create a new Google account, etc in order to access my page ever since Blogger was taken over a couple of years ago.

I've finally given in, primarily because I wanted to comment on another blogger's
post, but couldn't do so without first signing in. If that person ever ends up on this page, I would like to share with her now how honoured she should consider herself I've finally gone to these lengths, because despite how much I like to say about everything all of the time, nothing has propelled me to do so in over 2 years!

So here I am. Perhaps I shall have to go back to keeping up this page . . . we'll see.

currently reading: Bill Bryson -
The Lost Continent

[edit: I've decided to, as time permits, re-post some bloggy bits that were listed elsewhere. I mention this so that I don't look as if I'm contradicting myself by saying above that I've not updated this page in two years, when just below it one can see posts with more recent dates. I'll add them in with their original date and time stamp!]


August Jordan Davis said...

Hi! Thanks for the nice comment, I'm glad someone's seen it :-) And seeing that you had to go through a number of hoops to leave said comment, it is doubly appreciated!

Look forward to your future blogs...

August :-)

August Jordan Davis said...

Hi again - hope my other "thank you" comment arrived. Just a quick note to say that if you check the Google Terms of Service on Blogger you'll see that their intellectual copyright does NOT extend to the content you post. Thought that might make you feel a bit better.

all the best,
August :-)