15 October 2011

Not only Sheena is a Punk Rocker...

Thanks to Twitter friend Mark Perkins today bringing to my attention a band called The Vaccines and their song 'Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra), I have been reminded of 1982 film 'Class of 1984'.

Why? Because The Vaccines mentioned it here in their blog.

So this got me reminiscing about seeing the film on its initial realise to video - which must have been 1983.

Watching the trailer today is pretty comical (yes, that's Perry King, who has become a familiar face on television screens over the last four decades) - and it does not go unnoticed that at age 10/11, I was far too young to be watching it; I probably sneaked it home from the video hire shop!

Mind, perhaps it influenced my not-long-after (and still current today) punk rock tendencies...along with 'Suburbia' (1984), a flick which definitely deserves its own post.

Would you believe these lovelies are on display in
London's Museum of Childhood? Believe it.

This also makes me ponder what other 'students gone wild' films were made between 1967's 'To Sir With Love' and this - long before 'Dangerous Minds' (1995) and its numerous copycat ilk. I can't think of any at present - or, for that matter, any between'To Sir...' and 1955's 'Blackboard Jungle'.

I will have a think about that. Or, if you've landed on this page, please share your titles.

A final comment on 'Class of 1984' is that I remember it also being kind of a big deal that someone so bad (lead rogue, Timothy Van Patten) could be played by someone related to America's favourite Dad, Dick Van Patten. Simply scandalous!

I see now that Timothy Van Patten has become an accomplished Director in his own right. Did you know that? I didn't! Well done, you old punk ruffian.

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