18 May 2004

rail connections, part2

black coat (as noted previously) turned up yesterday - with a LEAP even - without his black coat. I thought June was going to silently fall over...funny how she thinks just like me with regards to our fellow transporters

today black coat came without the coat AND in a light-coloured shirt. shocking. he still does not acknowledge me (us), of course...he's very slim without that coat. he should be without it more often

gave June some arsenal trading cards for her 10yr old son...said hiya to one of going-home commuters...nearly told the guy at my evening station 'nice haircut, by the way' after his very huge messy large hair (and facial) disappeared...i chickend out, though. probably the american accent that keeps me from it (darn it)

have made passing-chums with my local station agent...

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