24 May 2004

rail connections, part3

June and I are getting on like a house on fire on the trains each morning...makes the time fly right by

perhaps it was the sun, maybe the outfit I was wearing, or just knowing I have a day off tomorrow (yeah!), but today I said 'MorNEENING' (yes - sing-songy) to black coat (who no longer wears the coat in such fabulous weather). I was afraid June might fall over, it was bad enough she caught her breath loudly and slapped her hand to her mouth in a Janice-style 'Oh My God' gesture...I told her she must stop, or he was going to notice and think I fancied him. I don't. I just sorta felt it was my/our duty to subtly remind him that he sees us twice a day, every day of our lives (at the mo, anyway), and it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge such

I'd hoped to catch the cute grey/spikey haired, bespectacled boy this morning, since I was so early; no joy...

I had to run for my train home this evening...I didn't like it. I'm in no shape at all to be doing such things; thank god I no longer smoke. bought some new, painful shoes (and changed into immediately) at lunch today, so that didn't help things move along any quicker. The lovely older chap who sometimes smiles at me with a mild 'alright?' saw me running and held the train door, bless him. I babbled on about never being so late, he just smiled and probably thought I was a big fat goon for breathing and sweating like I was smack-dab in the midst of running the London Marathon...

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