07 July 2004

rail connections, part4

well, I finally broke ole black coat. am just pleased as punch with self

this evening I took an earlier train than usual, which found me at the station at which he always alights(am)/joins(pm)

soon as I got off my first train (to connect), spotted him sitting there on the side waiting for our usual train and I just walked right up, said 'alright?' and sat down next to him...and we chatted, chatted, chatted for nearly an hour! we conversed there whilst waiting, sat next to each other on train, where I assumed he'd take his escape - nope, he/we went on and on all the way through. we always get off at the same stop, but I usually jump on the bus home from there, while I've noticed he waits for the next train that goes to our a.m. station...since ours was running a bit late, I decided to stay and wait for the train as well. chatter chatter chatter whilst waiting. just far too amusing - thought would (still think might) burst at prospect of June hearing about this tomorrow morning! ha! if i get to tell her, that is, as they both usually turn up at the same time, about 30secs before the train turns up

anyhoo, when he first began to speak more animatedly, thought for sure he must be gay, much to my surprise...but towards the end as we said goodbye, I actually thought he might fancy me. that, or thought I might be a fun friend, which would be fine by me! he just asked me OODLES of questions...interesting...as well as asked if I got out much at the w/end. also when we parted at the station, he asked if I had a long walk home (though I had already told him where I lived - when he asked, mind!). he's not fanciable, but I sure wouldn't say no to a local friend, since I haven't got any. when I said 'have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow', he v happily said, 'yes YES, see you tomorrow!' bless

he mentioned several times that he loves, LOVES I tell you, Berlin; must investigate if big gay community in Berlin...

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