28 February 2006

i have a class this . . .

. . . term about preparing oneself for next year's

this week (today) rather than having a formal class, we were made to meet at a particular
library to learn about the services they offer. because we don't know what libraries do (?). i considered not going, especially since i had to leave one hour earlier than usual this morning to spend three quarters of an hour getting there

but i went, because i'm considerate like that

there are around 50 in the class; about a dozen or less turned up. no surprise, really. we were led upstairs, taken into a room to be explained the rules of the library. this took about 5mins. in the room was a table, chairs and hundreds of journals on the wall shelves. wow, I am rendered speechless at the grandeur of it (that's sarcasm, in case you missed it)

we were then led into the next room where the e-library catalogues were located, and shown how to find the library's website and search the catalogue. are you kidding me with this? this took about 5mins

we then went into the main sitting area and shown how to fill out a form to request something that is stored in the basement. this took about 3mins

next was a room where we were shown some old photos, letters, memento etc bits of a london actress from early 20th century. this was to show us all the amazing artefacts they have for visitors...yet all these nice things stay boxed up in storage in the basement (so we can't get to them anyway). this too took about 5mins

and guess what? that was it. i got
out of bed for this? could my intelligence possibly be insulted any further? answers on a postcard, please

so while the others stood about waiting for further directives from the faculty (of which there weren't any - directives, that is, not faculty), i simply slid out, went to the locker to retrieve my things and absconded

pardon me if i've said this already, but: i got out of bed for this?

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