28 February 2006

well i have been . . .

. . . invited for interview for the
job - Friday, noon

seems i nearly stuffed it up entirely as was phoned today by human resources to say that i had neglected to follow one key point of the application process (which i suspected would be a problem - i even drew attention to it in my email (good/bad?), but still didn't do it properly)

so the call began with 'we appreciate your application and interest in the role, but i'm afraid we will not be taking your application further because of x'; i managed to turn it round, say i would do x, proceeded to do it, let them know, then received a subsequent email from them confirming my interview for friday (apologies for the
cryptic description)

note i was also told (again) that someone else was already being seriously considered (read: 'they've got the job already, so don't bother doing x and applying'), but rather than admit defeat, i confirmed that i would press on

so - we shall see . . .

Current mood: indifferent
Currently reading: Alfred Hitchcock By Nicholas Haeffner

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